New Sermon Series: Wisdom for Lifeposted June 16, 2015

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Everyone is looking for wisdom, for insight, the next piece of information that will change their lives. The self-help market makes BILLIONS each year on it, bloggers are selling their wisdom, newspapers, colleges, filmmakers, publishers, and even Facebook and Twitter are rampant with the noise of people offering their version of wisdom and life. And most of it is bankrupt, self-conflicting junk repeated over and over. In this series we look at where true wisdom comes from. It's source, where ... ... Read more »

New Sermon Series: Christ in All (Where We Play, Work & Live)posted May 29, 2015

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Many Christians wrestle with the call of God 'to be missionaries' in the world. Are we supposed to pick up and move to another country? Or invite people to church? Should we be really good people at work and wait for others to ask us about God? In this series we look at Christ in all of our lives. Not the lives we think we are supposed to have, the but lives we have today. What does it look like for Christ to be real in our current daily rhythms? We all have things we enjoy doing. You might ... ... Read more »

New Sermon Series: 7 Practices of a Healthy Discipleposted April 7, 2015

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Discipleship seems to often be a confusing and missing component in our lives and the lives of many in the church. Is it a formal process? Totally organic and natural? Is it hard or easy? And what exactly do we do? In our next sermon series we will be looking at seven of the building blocks of a healthy disciple. Are they only seven? It's debatable (and will likely be debated by some), but we think we have landed on some pretty solid ones that will lead us in loving God, loving one ... ... Read more »

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