Our New Location: An Open Letter to the Soma Austin Community


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Our New Location: An Open Letter to the Soma Austin Community

Recently, Soma Austin has been blessed with a new space for renewal in the city. We will be moving into this space full time beginning with Sunday morning services on Sunday, April 17th, and we wanted to formally invite you and any others that you think might be interested in Jesus, our church or our mission. Each of us is at Soma Austin because God has stirred something in us to love this community and what Jesus is doing here. We have found Jesus, truth, renewal, community, friends, grace and more Jesus. As we have said many times, we aren't setting out to grow a big church, but we are trying to renew our city. And to do so, we want to invite more people in our services, so there are more missionaries in our neighborhoods.

The Hideout has been a great place for us to start as a church and it has served us well over the last two years. It has allowed us to be in the center of the city as we grew, both numerically and in learning who we are as a young church. I am genuinely going to miss The Hideout. But the truth is that it has always been an easy place for me. I get to stand on stage, or in the front row, not in the crowded, uncomfortable seats. I get there early so always get a good parking spot on the street somewhere. I never have to walk down the stairs, past the pastor as I go to the bathroom. And my family loves downtown so it's a joy for us to be there. But it did have it's drawbacks. The seats are crowded, and it does get tight sometimes. The parking can be difficult. And downtown can be challenging for some, including families, to navigate. I have heard many say they love it all, and others not so much.

So with this new move we have an opportunity to reconsider who might be interested in Jesus, our church and our mission, in our new space. Who do we know who might feel more comfortable not having to walk past the stage? What families do we know that would consider a non-downtown location? Who do we know that might want a church a little further south than downtown?

In addition to our Sunday morning gatherings, we will also be hosting Porterbrook training, Film & Theology Evenings and other renewal programs. During the week we will be opening the doors as an incubator space for new organizations and initiatives working towards physical, social and spiritual renewal. Non-profits, for profits, small groups, etc, will be able to use the conference room, wi-fi, desks and a printer/copier. And next door we will be launching Renew Austin, primarily a renewal program for those experiencing homelessness. It will house a woodshop, sewing space, furniture restoration and... wait for it... a skateboard deck press to make skateboards.

Yep, we plan to use that space as much as we can, to squeeze every bit of usefulness out of it for the renewal of our city. We plan to steward every dollar that comes in the door, to use the gifts and talents of those in and around our community for gospel renewal. That's just how we are gonna roll. And what a sweet grace that we all get to be part of it. But let's not keep all the fun to ourselves!

Please take some time today to pray and consider who God might lead you to invite into this renewal story with us, for their own joy and renewal, and for the joy and renewal of our city and beyond. I am excited for this next chapter in the life of our church, I pray you are as well.

When: Sunday, April 17th at 10:30am (come at 10:00am for coffee)
Where: 4201 S. Congress, Suite 300, Austin, TX 78745.

With you all for Jesus and Austin,

Jacob Vanhorn